We have begun to establish a non-profit foundation called healinggardens.org in honor of my sister Lynn Rieker who passed away September 21, 2005, at the young age of 56 under the caring guidance of Agape Hospice of Greenwood Village, Co and her best friend Bobbie.

Being able to participate in the life-changing event of having the honor to be with my sister during her final days has presented me with many life lessons and in the end a life-changing event.

We will be developing the website for healinggardens.org which will provide much more in-depth information on the goals and projects that healinggardens.org is working to accomplish.

I have always understood the importance of each of our human spirits and what we are capable of during our journey here. My sister just helped me understand the importance of using the skills we have as gardeners to create healing gardens throughout the country at hospices, clinics, and hospitals, as a place for those facing the challenge of serious illnesses and their family members.

The goal of creating healing gardens is to allow a place of respite for patients and those who care for them to simply sit and enjoy the beauty, tranquility and inner peace and power that can come from the serenity found through the experience of a garden.

These gardens will include moving water, a covered seating area so one can enjoy the garden in any weather, especially rain when gardens are sometimes at their best. Subtle garden lighting will also allow visitors to enjoy the beauty of the gardens in the evening.

Through our companies, bloom in gourmet(TM) and The Gardenhaus(TM) we will begin in 2006 by renewing our annual garden tour in conjunction with a new tented festival tentatively called the ELF (Everybody Loves Food) Festival(TM) with all the proceeds being used to create healing gardens and provide funding to hospices to help those patients who need funds to ensure hospice care in their home.