Army Corp of Engineers/Stevenson Engineering

Stevenson Engineering was closing in on the completion of a demolition and restoration project for the Army Corp of Engineers on a site adjacent to the Tobyhanna Army Depot (also a long time client of ours) They needed 34 trees with a natural appearance to line the restored site within a two to a three-week time frame.

We worked with the Corp and Stevenson Engineering to select Hedge Maple (Acer campestre)which is a compact maple with a rounded head and great yellow fall color. Hedge Maple is also not a fall digging hazard as was Red Maple, their first choice.

We called a nursery in Pennsylvania we knew grow specimen plant material with straight trunks and substantial root balls. They were able to dig the trees and deliver them to us in one week. Prior to the harvesting of the trees, the nursery sprayed an anti-desiccant on the foliage to reduce water loss this fall.

Our two-person crew, with the help of our Toro Dingo, was able to dig 34 holes to tight measurement requirements, place & plant the trees, mulch, water and wrap the trunks in four days while working with Stevenson to allow them to grade and prep the site for hydro mulching right behind us.
Stevenson Engineering