Water gardens are a Dynamic Part of Any Garden.

European and Japanese gardens are not considered complete without a dynamic water feature. Water gardens alert most of our senses such as visual, auditory, tactile, and fragrance. The bright colors and movement of fish in the water, the daily changes in the water garden plants such as the waterlilies and the sound of a rushing stream or waterfall.

When we started installing water gardens 13 years ago we used a plant filtration system to maintain clear water. The only challenge was as the ponds got bigger, so did the filter systems. We were able to build great water gardens, except each one required extensive plumbing and filtration design. I wrote several water gardening articles for national gardening magazines on this subject.

And then along came Aquascape Designs and Greg Wittstock who had been working on a system of skimmers and biofalls since he was about 8 years old. We attended one of his workshops and came home and ripped out our old systems and replaced them with Aquascape Systems. He refined water garden systems and made it possible to create any water garden from a few hundred gallons to his 1 million gallons personal water garden and the water is always crystal clear…..no chemicals, no UV lights, and happy fish.

The AD has now developed a “pondless” water garden system which allows you to enjoy the sights and sounds of a water garden much easier than before. On this page you will see examples of several water gardens we have built for clients as well as our own display water gardens we use to show clients what is possible, including a 45′ stream connecting our waterfall to our 3000-gallon water garden, that is crystal clear to it’s 3′ depth. So please enjoy and shortly we will be offering these systems on our secure online store, available to be shipped anywhere in the contiguous 48 states of the US.
Aquascape Designs
Project: Lippmann Residence

These clients live on a golf course and wanted to add their little water hazard to the 7th hole.

The Solution:
This pond was built completely above grade so we could bring the water up to and under the existing deck. We needed to work our way out of the backyard, so we placed boulders first to create/define the far exterior wall of this water feature. Difficult soil and access caused us to come up with an easy way to build the required shelves to support the stone. We used sandbags to create the interior of the pond shape. Because of the size of this pond (30’x24′) and a 30′ stream we used two skimmers and two waterfalls to create a good flow under the stone slab which was used to allow the clients access to the golf course. Add five underwater lights, a moonlit night, a little wine and you can relax dangling your feet off the deck into the water and watch the fish dance in the moonlight while you listen to the splash of the stream.

The following photographs are of our display water garden, it’s residents such as frogs and fish and the stream. Watergardens is only limited by our imagination……..what is your dream water garden?